The Interview

T he only thing about us we cannot influence with our will is the desires we have. We can change our goals and what means we use to achieve them. But our wants are not subject to our decisions. Desires come from within, from a source we know very little about.

Some say wishes come from our heart. Many people orient themselves on the examples of others and hide what they really strive for. It is not easy to recognize your own needs, when others judge you on what you consider worthwhile. Motiviation techniques might push you even more in the direction you don’t really want to go.
The interview process is a very respectful talk to find out your true desires . It is designed to accept you absolutely and appreciate you for who you really are. As the deeper elements of your being emerge, you can be sure that we will cherish your deepest darkest drives right along with the noble, enlightened aspects of your nature. The interview unleashes tremendous reserves of energy and aliveness.

Interview Session:

Dauer: 90 min

Online: Skype or via ZOOM

Preis: 180 € ( plus 19 % MWST )