Forget About Selling

L eaders in the sales profession often earn two or three times more than other sales people. Along with knowing their product and understanding the sales process, these masters of selling understand people. Superior people skills can give you the winning edge and bring you the income you need to live your dream.



Most sales people have little formal training in sales and virtually no training in human motivation. They learn their craft by imitating sales ­people from the previous generation or by taking traditional salestraining. But the truth is that people resistant to those old ways.

People are annoyed by sales techniques. They are worn out with flip presentations and high-pressure tactics. Studies show that traditional sales training is ineffective. That isbecause it takes more than tricks to win the trust of customers today. Great business people earn trust. Trust earns the money.

Forget About Selling shows you step by step how to win the trust of your clients by reading their needs and responding accurately their desire. People buy from you based on how you make them feel about them­selves. The best sales people help people achieve their material goals by inspiring them to believe in themselves.

Attraction is why the top earners seem to sell effortlessly. They have the support of previous customers to make their lives easier.  In these two hours you will learn more about winning people than you’re here learned in your entire life so far.

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