Dylan Watts

Heart of a Rebel

D ylan Watts is a „braveheart“ of the new age. He stands unflinchingly and with conviction for freedom and growth. He braves fear and mechanisms of oppression. Where others close their eyes, he confronts reality and says what is actually happening. His work is not for the weak-hearted. It helps those that really want to know.

Through his background in nature and farming, he has developed a particular awareness of healthy growth processes, sustainability, and long term success. Growth requires the seed, the soil and the climate. Only when these elements align we can anticipate results. Everything else would be illusion.

Dylan Watts knows what he is talking about. Success and restarting from scratch, the path into the unknown and thinking that cuts through conventional patterns have marked his life. As an adventurer in the contemporary world he shows that here and now is much more possible than you thought.  Or what you didn´t dare to dream anymore. Today, the innovation award winner assists people to find their own path to freedom. He focuses on the realms of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is carved in his bones, and the harshness of nature has granted him a deep trust. His boldness and his awareness has given him the capacity to break old structures to bring it together as harmony and team-spirit.

Personality meets tools: fundamental insights and tested strategies of the „new Entrepreneurship“ were developed by Sage University. Equipped with these tools and with personal resolve, Dylan shows new ways into a self-actualized future.

In Short

1964: Born near Cologne, Germany
1984: Master of Agriculture
1984: Launching his 1st business: „Der Gemüsespezialist“
1999: Launching his 2nd business: Jaro-Fruit Growing Cooperation, Germany-Spain
2000-2004: Study at Sage-University – High Performance Coaching
2001: 1. Book publication „Forget about selling“ (in German)
2004: Award for Innovation of DIHK and the Financial Times Germany, for „Jaroma- Kohl“
2005: Launching his 3rd business: Jaro-Peoplegrowers
2009: Sold his company „Jaro Fruit Growing Corperation GmbH“
2012: MBA of Sage University
2012: 2. Book publication: „The secret of Happiness“
2013: Starting „The Never Ending Tour“ around the world: USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand
2015: Growing the global team of Jaro-Peoplegrowers & Sage University
2016: Book publication „Forget about Selling“
2016: Starting the „save the men“- Tour